Linda’s Classes

Linda Ciotola, of Healing Bridges, teams up with Club One (Chester Md.) and Island Athletics (Grasonville, Md.) to teach Yoga and other fitness classes.

Linda teaches Hatha Yoga. Experience the mind-body benefits of Hatha Yoga. Improve flexibility, strength, and balance while experiencing deep relaxation. Learn how to modify the poses (asanas) to meet your needs. An excellent class for beginners. More advanced students will also benefit from personal attention given to alignment, enabling them to deepen their practice. For more information call Club One at (410) 643-FITT or Island Athletics at (410)827-5527.

Join Linda at Island Athletic for Barre/Pilates combining the beautiful benefits of standing ballet Barre work for flexible strength , balance and improved posture with the core strengthening of mat Pilates. Discover why Pilates is the preferred type of exercise for dancers, targeting the muscles of the body’s core and linking the movements with the breath. Tone and strengthen all of the muscles of the abdominals and the back and experience feeling longer and leaner.

Linda teams up with Island Athletic Club, Chester, Md. To offer Yoga, indoor cycling, Dance and kickboxing/weights classes. Contact Linda for more info.

Experience the joy of movement as well as the health & fitness benefits by taking one or more of Linda’s classes:

Call Linda ahead to come as a guest (410) 827-8324:

Chester, MD (Club One) Yoga
Grasonville, MD (Island Athletic) Dance Fit Fusion; Yoga; and/or Barre/Pilates™