Personal Growth/Self Care For Healers & Helpers

Restoration, Renewal, and Support

Caregivers need time for self-care and restoration. This personal growth workshop experience is for individuals in the helping professions who need to build and strengthen self-care resources, to resolve life and relationship dilemmas, and to create a place of trust and safety within oneself.

This workshop provides an opportunity to consciously identify and practice desired life changes, while exploring obstacles that seem to prevent those transformations from occurring in our lives.

Personal Objectives:
* Experiencing strengths and resources
* Learn, practice and internalize emotional self-regulation skills
* Desensitization of secondary post traumatic stress
* Safe expression of feelings
* Anchoring in new life affirming messages to old images and
perceptions of self
* Receive peer support
* Experience the healing power of action methods
* Gain action insight into personal and professional issues
* Prevent burnout

WHAT: These seasonal workshops are for helping professionals who work in fields such as psychotherapy, counseling, medicine, organizational development, education, and related healing arts (acupuncture, bodywork, energy healing, etc.) Call for details: 410-827-8324

FACILITATOR: Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., CHES, (ret.),TEP
Linda is a certified psychodramatist, and certified trainer in the Therapeutic Spiral™ method of psychodrama adapted to work with trauma survivors. She is the co-developer and co-leader of the Bodyworkshops for Therapeutic Spiral International, providing both training and personal growth workshops to heal trauma through body-oriented experiential therapy. She is a certified and experienced lifestyle counselor and yoga instructor and a certified health education specialist.

Contact us to schedule an ongoing group or workshop: Call 410-827-8324 between 9:00 & 5:00
Monday – Saturday, or e-mail us at linda.healingbridges@gmail.com.