Enjoy the harvest bounty of Fall! Here are a few seasonal foods along with a list of plant protein options.

Try creative cooking with your crock pot making nourishing soups, stews; or put together some plant protein with colorful autumn veggies for an artistic and nutritious meal.

Plant Protein Power:

Hemp seeds1 ½ cups = 11 grams protein
Quinoa1 cup cooked – 8 grams protein
Edamame1 cup = 17 grams protein
Tofu3 oz = 9 grams protein
Lentils1 cup = 18 grams protein
Kidney beans1 cup = 13 grams protein
Low fat plain Greek yogurt6 oz = 18 grams protein
Egg2 eggs = 12 grams protein

Source: Flexitarian Eating, IDEA, March 2017, MindBodyWellness Review

ABC’s (and more) of What’s in Season

Apples, Artichokes, Arugula
Beats, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower
Edamame & Eggplant
Fennel & Figs
Grapes & Green Beans
Kale & Kohlrabi
Leeks & Lemongrass
Mushrooms & Okra
Pomegranates & Pumpkins
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash

Bon Apetit!