Transformation Through Action Methods

Most commonly asked questions:

What are Action Methods?
Action Methods refer to forms of experiential learning derived from psychodrama, experiential and expressive arts therapies, engaging the right side of the brain as well as the left side. Powerful outcomes can result from single well-executed session.

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Down-to-earth mindfulness: Mindful eating

Active Pause is about the simple, down-to-earth ways in which we step out of “automatic pilot” to be more actively involved in what we do. In other words, we see “mindful” as “engaged” – – the opposite of being disengaged, of doing a task mindlessly. Read more

Recognizing & Treating Depression

Linda Ciotola, M. Ed.,CHES, TEP

Sources: National Institutes of Mental Health; Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Vitality); American Counseling Association; Wellness Networking Group

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, depression affects about 19 million Americans. The effects are far-reaching, impacting not only personal well-being, but family interactions, work place performance, and even financial security.

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Taking the Holidays to Heart

The holidays are here with an abundance of challenges as well as gifts for the heart.  Bombardment with artery clogging food choices, time-pressured stress, and emotional ups and downs can take a toll on your cardiovascular health while stealing the joy from the holiday season.  And the true meaning of the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza) can get buried in the fray. Read more

Body Gratitude

November brings Thanksgiving and a time when we may focus more on food – fixing it, eating it, and feeling guilty afterwards – than on counting our blessings.  If you have been caught in this pattern and would like to change, try practicing mindfulness as you prepare and eat your food and consciously give thanks to nature and all the elements and people who contributed to bringing it to the table.  Read more

Gather the Abundance

It’s October ~ the harvest season and time for Baltimore’s annual Race for the Cure to raise awareness of and funds for breast cancer treatment, and prevention, and to celebrate breast cancer survivors.

The harvest season is a great time for the Race for the Cure because it unites two powerful cancer-prevention strategies:  nutrition and exercise.  Read more

Healthy Aging

September is National Healthy Aging Month.  I’m delighted, since it is also my birthday month and the time of year when I re-evaluate my health and fitness goals.  As a long time educator, I have always viewed September as the start of a new year – time to set new learning goals and to develop strategies to achieve them. Read more

Cornerstone of Healthy Living

What better time than the abundant harvest of August to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet?  Nature’s bounty is brimming with colorful baskets of good nutrition ~ delicious ways to decrease your risk of heart disease, and many cancers, and to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. Read more

A Summer Salute to Health & Fitness

The arrival of summer brings plans for vacations, picnics, and summertime fun.  While summer can provide opportunities for more and varied physical activities like beach volleyball, swimming and tennis, it can   present some health and fitness   challenges as well. Read more

Health News Update: Iron Works

Most regular exercisers think of “pumping iron” as strength training done with either free weights or machines.  However, iron the mineral is so important to good health that even a minor deficiency can affect muscular strength as well as aerobic capacity and muscle endurance. Read more