Creative Conversations in Somatic Psychotherapy

Interview for the US Bodypsychotherapy Assn .

June 2007: Linda Ciotola

Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., CHES, (ret.), CP/TEP is a Certified Clinical Psychodramatist, health educator, fitness and yoga instructor.

The following is a transcript of the original audio, which is part of the Creative Conversations on the USABP website ( Please note that this conversation was meant to be a spontaneous ex-change, not an edited piece. For better or worse, the transcript retains the unedited quality of the conversation.

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Linda Ciotola: Mindful Witness         August 2017

Linda Ciotola is a Certified TEP: trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and sociometry; and an accredited Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Spiral Model ™ of psychodrama used specifically for working with trauma survivors. She is Co-Leader and Developer of the Therapeutic Spiral Bodyworkshop specifically designed for healing body-based trauma issues and a Certified Health Education Specialist (Ret.) with 45 years experience in education, group facilitation, and lifestyle counseling. Linda holds ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications as a Personal Trainer, Fitness and Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and MINDBODY Specialist. She was honored in 2008 with the Zerka Moreno Award for outstanding contributions to the field of Psychodrama. She is co-author with Karen Carnabucci of Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods – Beyond the Silence and the Fury. She presents widely at regional, national and international conferences.

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Interview: Linda Ciotola about the Mindful Witness role

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Societal Standard of Beauty and Eating Disorders

By Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., TEP co-author with Karen Carnabucci of “Healing Eating Disorders With Psychodrama and Other Action Methods – Beyond the Silence and the Fury”

“Anorexia is both the result of a protest against the cultural rule that your women must be beautiful.  In the beginning, a young woman strives to be thin and beautiful, but after a time, anorexia takes on a life of its own.  By her behavior, an anorexic girl tells the world, ‘Look, see how thin I am, even thinner than you wanted me to be.  You can’t make me eat more.  I am in control of my fate, even if my fate is starving.’” – Mary Pipher, “Reviving Ophelia” Read more