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Healing Bridges ~ a bridge to mindbodyheartspirit well-being:  let your mind teach  you, your body ground you, your heart guide you and your spirit soar!

I can support you in integrating each of these aspects of well-being as a health educator, fitness trainer, nutrition consultant, lifestyle counselor, psychodramatist, yoga instructor and stress management specialist.

Discover the profound benefits of enlivening your body, expanding your mind, healing your heart, and connecting with your spirit:

Your mind ~
Learn the facts vs. the myths of wellness through health education; and explore options to reduce stress and enhance your mental well-being. Click on Upcoming Workshops,

Your body ~
Yoga, Pilates classes, Zumba, personal training, post-rehab fitness, and nutritional education.  (Click on Yoga/Meditation/Pilates; Exercise; Nutrition/Supplements)

Your heart ~
Heal emotional wounds from trauma, loss, eating disorders, addictions, interpersonal conflicts through experiential therapy that goes beyond verbal modalities to mend heartwounds.  (Click on Psychodrama Articles, Upcoming Workshops, Transformation Through Action Methods)

Your spirit ~
Release your potential for creativity while transforming old patterns of living into a life of positive choices and meaningful purpose through expressive arts therapies.  (Click on Psychodrama Articles and Upcoming Workshops)

Now, we would like to introduce you to the owner, Linda Ciotola, M. Ed., CHES (ret.),TEP   Linda is a certified trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and sociometry. Workshop Facilitator and Certified Health Education Specialist and ACE certified Health Coach. Her areas of expertise include nutrition, exercise, stress management, trauma, eating disorders, women’s health, body image, and mindbody wellness. She is certified in and a member of several organizations for health and fitness professionals. (For a complete list see Linda's BIO.)

Some of Linda’s services include Health and Nutrition Education, yoga instruction, health and wellness workshops, personal growth workshops, psychodrama training group, and consultation for professionals on trauma, and eating disorders. Click on related topics or contact Linda directly at
410-827-8324 or linda.healingbridges@gmail.com.

We hope you check out this website. You will be able to find articles Linda has written on psychodrama, exercise, yoga, and eating disorders. She has provided links to several organizations, which may be of interest to you.

Anyone browsing this website and who wants to use any of the material may do so by requesting and receiving permission. You may place your request by e-mail and we will direct you from there. Contact Linda for clarification on her copyrighted materials.

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