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Workshop/Group Participants:
“ Our personal growth group helped me to become more established in self care practices and to expand creative outlets.  Linda did a great job!”  ~ A.N. of Maryland, personal growth group member
“ In the 5 years I have known Linda, she helped me recover from my eating disorder and to grow healthier everyday.  She has a wonderful, supportive, creative way of getting to the root of what is going on internally and to help it be expressed in a safe manner, individually and in groups.”

~ D.T., R.N., Baltimore, Maryland, individual and personal growth group member

“ Linda was so good at creating a safe comfortable space and including everyone.  I came away from each session with new insights, compassion for my self and others, and a renewed sense of inner peace.”  

~ Group Participant, Owings Mills, Maryland

“ This group is a lifesaver.  It is the safest most secure type of therapy imaginable.  It has helped me grow in so many ways.” 

~ Group Participant, Owings Mills, MD

“ I felt a big shift in my energy and a real transformation.” 

Wellness In Action Workshop Participant

“ A very powerful process for connecting to your individual beauty.” 

Wellness In Action Workshop Participant  

“ Linda and Kathy are amazing Directors/Doubles.  They bring something individually as well as together to this training.  I am honored and impressed with what I was able to get and achieve in this workshop.” 

Wellness In Action Workshop Participant

Private Psychodrama Clients:
“ I have changed dramatically both in ways I anticipated and in ways I never dare dreamed after one session with Linda Ciotola.  Linda is accepting, safe, and skilled at guiding a personal drama, which helps you to remember, experience and transcend previous traumatic events.” 

~ Private Psychodrama Client, Baltimore, MD

“ My two psychodrama experiences have transformed my life in a way I would not have  believed possible.  Fear, despair and pain have been replaced with magic, joy and a deep sense of peace.  Thanks for the healing!” 

~ Private psychodrama client, Howard County, Maryland.
 “ I cannot overestimate the growth I have experienced as a result of my private psychodramatic work.   Linda has unfailingly maintained a completely safe, psychodramatic space and shaped each drama masterfully to help me become the best person that I can be.”

~ E. S., Maryland, Private Psychodrama Client

Referring Psychotherapist:
“ Empathic and creative, Linda Ciotola is a powerful psychodramatist whose knowledge and skill unite with intuition and wisdom to catapult people into a place of healing and recovery.  I encourage all my patients, indeed all those who are in need of a healing experience, to avail themselves of the opportunity to personally experience her unique gifts.”          
~ Nancy Alexander, LCSW-C      Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Columbia, MD
Training Workshop Participants:

“ . . . a very powerful approach to a national crisis in the health care industry that promises hope of treatment.”  Therapist Participant, Use of Action Methods with Eating Disorders, Training Workshop
“ Two exceptional women using a very powerful process.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Participant, Use of Action Methods with Eating Disorders, Training Workshop

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