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The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Eating Clean Each year the Environmental Working Group, an environmental organization based in the United States, publishes a list they call the “Dirty Dozen”. These are the fruits and vegetables that when conventionally grown using chemical pesticides and fertilizers carry the highest residues. If organically grown isn’t an option for you, simply avoid these fruits […]

Creative Conversations in Somatic Psychotherapy

Interview for the US Bodypsychotherapy Assn . June 2007: Linda Ciotola Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., CHES, (ret.), CP/TEP is a Certified Clinical Psychodramatist, health educator, fitness and yoga instructor. The following is a transcript of the original audio, which is part of the Creative Conversations on the USABP website (www.USABP.org). Please note that this conversation was […]

Mother Generosa McCafferty Distinguished Alumna Award

LINDA RECEIVES THE MOTHER GENEROSA MCCAFFERTY DISTINGUISHED ALUMNA AWARD Catholic High Presented The Mother Generosa McCafferty Distinguished Alumna Award Baltimore, MD – Grasonville resident, Linda Miller Ciotola was presented with The Mother Generosa McCafferty Distinguished Alumna Award. The Catholic High School of Baltimore recently held their Alumnae Awards Ceremony. The Mother Generosa McCafferty Distinguished Alumna […]

Zerka T. Moreno Award

Linda Ciotola is the 2008 recipient of the 
Zerka T. Moreno Award. 
Who is Zerka T. Moreno? Zerka Toeman Moreno is often called “The Mother of Psychodrama”.  She is the widow of J. L. Moreno, M.D., and as his partner and collaborator developed group psychotherapy, psychodrama, and sociometry. She wrote and published extensively in the field […]

What is Psychodrama?

What is Psychodrama? Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy developed by Dr. J.L. and Zerka Moreno that uses acting to facilitate problem solving.  The client, called the protagonist, puts his/her truth into action with the assistance of the therapist, called the director, and other participants, called auxiliaries. 

Eating Disorders: An Overview

Linda Ciotola, M.Ed., CHES (ret.),TEP Eating disorders result from a complicated interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors. People with eating disorders are intensely preoccupied with food, weight, and appearance, jeopardizing their health and adversely affecting relationships.

Is this something for me?

Am I having on-going difficulties in relationships? Am I troubled by intrusive memories and/or flashbacks? Am I stuck in the process of grieving and unable to move on with life? Do I feel weighed down by feelings of  low self esteem, depression or helplessness? Do I have trouble identifying and accessing my strengths? Do I […]

Linda Ciotola: Mindful Witness

ActivePause.com         August 2017 Linda Ciotola is a Certified TEP: trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and sociometry; and an accredited Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Spiral Model ™ of psychodrama used specifically for working with trauma survivors. She is Co-Leader and Developer of the Therapeutic Spiral Bodyworkshop specifically designed for healing body-based trauma issues and a […]

Most commonly asked questions:

What are Action Methods? Action Methods refer to forms of experiential learning derived from psychodrama, experiential and expressive arts therapies, engaging the right side of the brain as well as the left side.  Powerful outcomes can result from single well-executed session.  Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy developed by Dr. J.L. and Zerka Moreno that  […]