Focus on Children – Special Bonus-Size Edition

As summer swims towards Labor Day, parents begin to think about “Back to School”, encouraged by sales promotions and bargain offers on school supplies.  But are our children getting “short-changed” when it comes to their well-being?

When it comes to physical health, there is the need for regular pediatric check-ups, dental visits, and eye exams.  Read more

Stay Healthy & Safe In This Time of Fire & Water

July is the heart of summer.  Sunshine, fireworks, trips to oceans, lakes and pools invite us to play, rest and relax.   Stay healthy and safe this summer by observing appropriate fireworks precautions and protecting yourself against sun damage.  Read more

National Men’s Health Week

Questions and Answers

What is the goal of National Men’s Health Week?
The purpose of National Men’s Health Week is to raise national awarenes among society and especially among men, of the importance of preventive health behavior in the early detection and treatment of health problems affecting men.

What is the date of National Men’s Health Week?
National Men’s Health Week is held the week leading up to and including Father’s Day. By holding it during the period that men receive the greatest attention and focus in our society, we are able to reach the greatest number of men and their families. Read more

Avoiding Brittle Bones, Mending Broken Hearts

May celebrates National Osteoporosis Prevention Month, National Mental Health Month, and National Trauma Awareness Month.  At first, it may seem that these three Health Observances have little in common, but they do actually have similarities.   Read more

More Than Skin Deep by Alma Nugent, MA, CSCS

Are we careful to regard rather than disregard the skin?  Do we spend even one-fourth of the amount of time we devote to cosmetic enhancements to addressing the health of this most visible part of the body?   During Cancer Control Month, make a commitment to care for the skin. Read more

March is National Nutrition Month – Separate Science from fiction!

From the revised food guide pyramid, to the latest news about nutrient timing to enhance athletic performance, to the changing nutritional needs of growing kids and aging baby boomers, to the impact of calcium on weight loss, and the low-carb fad, nutrition is in the news!  Read more

Healing The Heart

February is Heart Month.  Also within this mid-winter month is Valentine’s Day, and Eating Disorders Prevention Week.  At first glance, these may seem unrelated, but upon closer examination, they are intertwined.

With the media focus on American Heart Disease, obesity, and dieting, there is an emphasis on weight loss for the sake of preventing coronary artery disease.  At the same time, the food and weight obsession of teenage girls in particular and women in general has connected dieting with acceptance of body and self while encouraging eating disorders. Read more

Breathing Into the New Year

As the holiday season winds down, thoughts often turn to making resolutions for the New Year.  These well-intentioned promises to eat better, exercise more, and manage stress often get off to a determined start only to suffer the discouragement of burned-out enthusiasm, time pressures, or even injury.  Read more

Health for the Holidays

The holidays are here!  With all the shopping, food, parties, hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important.  Remember, the holidays are for celebrating the joy of spiritual blessings.  This fact can be easily over-shadowed by the commercialism and consumerism of our society.  This year, honor yourself, family, and friends with the gift of self care. Read more

Slowing Down, Giving Thanks

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it is almost an automatic response to shift into high gear, adrenal glands in overdrive, overflowing “to do” lists, a constant inner voice shouting, “You’ll never be ready on time” or “You’ll never get everything done” – with the subtext stating, “and you’ll be a big disappointment to everyone if you don’t!” WHOA!  Read more